Youth news

Hey FUMC Family,

I’ve just got two items for you this week, but boy are they big ones!!

1)  We leave this weekend for our annual mission trip to Atlanta this weekend.  We’ve been every year that I’ve been here except for the summer of 2020.  That means this will be our 6th time together on this trip.  Around 30 of us will head to the city to partner with our favorite organizations that love our friends experiencing homelessness.  We’ll be gone Sunday through Thursday and our week will be full of fun, work, God moments, and worship.  I’d love to ask you to pray for us as we go serve.  You can also keep up with us by following along on social media.  You can find us on Facebook at FUMC Eufaula Youth Ministry and on instagram at ElevateEufaula.

2)  This is obviously a bittersweet trip for me, as it will be my last trip with this crazy bunch in the capacity of being the youth director here.  I can’t express how much this family has meant to me.  I’m a better human and a better follower of Jesus because of this place, this church, and especially these kids.  I really just want to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for trusting me.  Thank you for partnering with me as we’ve reached out to the teenagers of this community.  Thank you.  With that being said, I already told you that I have always seen this place as home and family and I have no intent of that changing just because of a change of address.  Eufaula and FUMC will ALWAYS be a place I call a home, a place I call safe, and a place I feel love.

Eufaula people, hear me when I say this….and believe it…God looks GOOD on you.  Real good!!

I love you —