music notes

The Ancient of Days

Jesus told His disciples to go spread the good news to the ends of the earth.  He instructed them to go out into the world baptizing and teaching everyone.  He then reminded His disciples that He would be with them to the end.  Jesus left the earth but He sent the Holy Spirit to remain with us and strengthen us.

If you didn’t feel the Holy Spirit in church Sunday you probably were not there.  There were so many moments where the Spirit spoke.  From the first blast of the bagpipes all the way to the joy-filled smiles during the children’s moment.  The Trinity Ringers, our own handbell group, performed magnificently!  The many languages spoken during the psalm were a perfect reminder of Pentecost.  We heard gospel music, spirit-filled hymns, and patriotic music all in the same service.  There was even a tambourine!  

This blend of worship styles perfectly represents the fullness of God’s church.  We did good FUMC; we did good.  In light of all of this, I feel that the greatest triumph by far was the lemonade on the lawn.  Seeing the ENTIRE congregation process out of the church and fellowship at the steps of God’s church was heartwarming.  Seeing the children’s cake-filled faces gave me hope.  Holding hands, sharing a confused smile with the drivers as they passed by, and just being around you all did my soul good.

We need more moments like this.  In our hustle and bustle we need time to regroup and center ourselves on the most important thing.  Our God is the Ancient of Days.  Reflect on what this means for you today.  Prepare yourself for worship Sunday; I’ll bring the lemonade.