Music Notes

Dear FUMC,

This coming Sunday, the Christmas Choir will offer “The Heart of Christmas” by Pepper Choplin.  We are so excited to be able to present this cantata to you as a cantata hasn’t been presented in this church in eleven years.  But more importantly, this cantata has some fantastic songs with meaningful texts.  One particular song has been on my mind the entire fall as we have been rehearsing for this Sunday.  The song is entitled, “Joseph, Strong and Faithful Man.”  It reminds us that Joseph was under great pressure at the time leading up to the birth of Christ.  At this time in history, it was unacceptable for an unmarried girl to be pregnant.  At one point, Joseph wanted to save both he and Mary embarrassment by hiding her away from society.  But, in a dream, he learned that the baby was the Son of God.  Instead of saying, “Yeah, right!”, he trusted God and remained strong and faithful under all the pressure. 

Sometimes I think we tend to forget that Joseph played a large and important role in the birth of Jesus.  Jesus was not his child but he cared for him as if he was.  The song goes on to ask if we would be as faithful and strong as Joseph under these circumstances.

This is only one of eight songs in the cantata that we feel will be a blessing to all of you.  I want to thank Aubrey Baugh, Beth Conklin, and Charles Roberts for being our narrators.  They do a super job.  I also want to thank all of those who are joining the members of the Chancel Choir to make up the Christmas Choir.

Please make sure that you come on Sunday.  We are looking forward to the Nativity Pageant during the Sunday School hour.   I know that you want to support our children in their yearly presentation.  This will be followed by the cantata at 11:00 AM.  I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning.

God bless,